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Co-op History

Born in Eau Claire — Eau Claire Farmer-Labor Cooperative Association was founded in 1935 when 67 visionaries joined together to buy a train car load of coal to heat their Wisconsin homes. The next year the Co-op changed its name to Consumers Cooperative Association of Eau Claire (CCA) and acquired a two-pump gasoline station on Wisconsin Street in downtown Eau Claire. A “super-station” was added in 1940 to provide motor service and lubrication. In 1946, an appliance department was added with one of the best appliance service departments in the area. A coal yard and a bulk petroleum plant were purchased in 1946 along with four trucks to deliver coal and petroleum.
The Co-op’s downtown quarters soon became congested. From there Co-op expansion spread to the Highland Avenue area of Eau Claire’s East Hill in 1948 - bringing groceries and general merchandise to a former roller skating rink housed in a Quonset hut.
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Land acquisitions allowed for further development of the Co-op Shopping Center. Numerous more building and department additions followed, including gas stations and additional locations in surrounding communities.
In the 1980’s the Co-op exited the hardware, clothing, and furniture business and returned to its roots of selling groceries and petroleum. By the early 2000’s the Co-op operated 19 convenience stores in the Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls area as Mega! Holiday.
In early 2016 CCA sold its grocery division and acquired 14 additional stores in Western and Southwestern Wisconsin that are also operated as Mega! Holiday locations. In October of that year, an additional five locations under the Travel Stop name were acquired. Today, the Co-op operates over 25 convenience stores.
CCA continues to provide its 20,000+ members with service, quality, and value. The Co-op’s vision is to be the best place to work, shop, and belong while supporting the communities it serves.

Our Co-op History: Born and raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and still growing!

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