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How to Petition to be Added to the Ballot for Election to CCA’s Board of Directors



  • Potential Board candidates are selected by the Nominating Committee. From that group the Board chooses the final slate in November of each year. Although not typical, after that a stockholder who desires to be on the Board can petition to be added to the ballot.
  • Stockholders in good standing, also known as Voting Members, can petition to be on the ballot for election to the Board of Directors. “In good standing” means that during the prior fiscal year the Voting Member purchased not less than the “Required Purchase Amount” of five hundred dollars ($500.00) of eligible goods and services from the Cooperative. The Required Purchase Amount may be increased or decreased from time to time by the Board of Directors.


  • To petition for a spot on the ballot, the petitioner must obtain signatures from 15 percent of Voting Members in good standing and submit them to the Board at least 60 days before the date of the Annual Meeting.
  • To start the petition process, petitioners must obtain official Board-authorized nomination papers from Member Services. The papers will contain only the number of pages needed to meet the required number of signatures that must be filled in consecutively on the numbered pages. No copies of the nomination papers can be made.
  • Additionally, a listing of the names and last known addresses of eligible voting stockholders will be provided to the petitioner. This list is confidential, not to be copied, and must be returned to Member Services by the required deadline. Acceptance of these conditions is noted by signing a Petitioner’s Confidentiality Notice.
  • In order to ensure that all petitioners have equal time to campaign, no nomination papers or stockholder lists will be released until the first Monday in December. The petitioning stockholder must personally circulate the papers and personally obtain the needed signatures. These actions must be certified when the petitions are submitted to the CCA Store Support Center by the due date.


  • Regardless of petitioning status, the stockholder list and nomination papers must be returned to Member Services in the CCA Store Support Center by the due date, which is 60 days before the annual meeting. When the due date falls on a weekend, the petitioner’s papers must be submitted to Member Services by the close of business the Friday before the due date.
Questions may be directed to Member Services: 715-839-5272 or
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