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Membership FAQ's

What is a CO-OP?

Unlike traditional commercial enterprises, a Co-op is a business owned and controlled by the people who purchase its goods, use its services, and can then receive benefits proportional to participation. Being a member of a Co-op eliminates entrepreneur profit and provides equality in ownership and control.
Consumers Cooperative Association of Eau Claire (CCA) went into business in 1935 as the Eau Claire Farmer-Labor Cooperative Association, later changing its name in 1936. The CCA name is still used within the company today, but it is more commonly referred to as Mega! CO-OP. It is one of the largest Co-ops in the United States with more than 20,000 people like you as its members and 18 Mega! CO-OP Holiday and Travel Stop convenience stores throughout Western Wisconsin.
Mega! CO-OP has been a local, member-owned Co-op since 1935 and is based on values and a structure that benefits the community and its members. Our members are known as Mega! CO-OP Members. Your purchases as a member stay within the communities we serve, creating jobs and enhancing our community giving opportunities. When our Co-op is profitable, we share that profit with our Co-op members through added benefits, services, and savings.
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What is a Mega! CO-OP Member?

A Mega! CO-OP Member is an individual customer (or household) who has applied for a Co-op membership as a Purchasing Member of the Consumers Cooperative Association of Eau Claire (CCA), a.k.a. Mega! CO-OP.
These are shoppers that enjoy friendly and clean convenience stores with a large variety of quality products to choose from, who believe in our purpose and values, and can be rewarded for being a Co-op Member with more ways to SAVE at the pump or in our stores!
Mega! CO-OP has over 20,000+ Co-op Members and is still growing. We take pride in rewarding our loyal shoppers with benefits and privileges only available to our Co-op Members.
Members also have the opportunity to become voting members by becoming a Stockholder, who may vote on important issues and elect a Board of Directors to forward those interests and values.

Who should become a Mega! CO-OP Member?

We welcome all shoppers, but our Co-op Members are the foundation of our Co-op. Co-op's succeed when members are loyal and regularly shop their Co-op. We invite our customers to join if you can meet the minimum spending requirement each fiscal year, you reside in and around the communities we serve, or you reside outside our services areas but frequent our stores throughout the year.
Upon enrollment as a Co-op Member, you will receive a Mega! CO-OP Membership ID/Rewards card.
*Due to the structure of our Co-op, businesses may not apply for a Co-op Membership. However, a business may be eligible for discounts on fuel through a Fleet Program. Stop by any of our locations to obtain more information about Fleet Savings!

What are the benefits of a Mega! CO-OP Membership?

Rewards For Our Members – More ways to SAVE at the pump, in our stores, and through our valued partnerships!
  • Mega! CO-OP Rewards Program – Eligibility to participate in this program with your Co-op Membership ID/Rewards Card. Receive Member Fuel Patronage savings available on each fill up [Valid on up to 30 gallons] just for being a member and earn merchandise and fuel savings when you purchase select items.
  • Member Cash Discount – Receive an additional 5¢ per gallon fuel discount when paying with cash or check! This discount is in addition to any Cents Per Gallon (CPG) fuel Rewards earned in the Mega! CO-OP Rewards Program. (Not applicable on fuel purchases paid with credit, debit, scrip, or gift cards)
  • Scholarships – Post-secondary education scholarships awarded annually to eligible Mega! CO-OP members, team members, or their dependents. Applications and information available in December each year.
  • Noah’s Ark Waterpark – Get Exclusive discounts online for tickets to America’s Largest Waterpark® through our partnership with Noah’s Ark. Use a special Promo Code, provided by Member Services, that gives you access to these discounts.  Click here for more information, then visit and plan your trip today.
  • TicketsatWork / Valleyfair – Having fun, getting away, and saving money are important for your well-being. To help you do this, Mega CO-OP has partnered with TicketsatWork to bring exclusive offers and discounts right to your fingertips. TicketsatWork is a benefits program that offers many discounts for theme parks such as Valleyfair, water parks, merchandise, movies, hotels, car rentals, sporting events, concerts, tours, attractions, Save @ Home deals, and MUCH MORE across the U.S.! A special Company Code provided by Member Services gets you access to these online offers. Click here for more information, then visit to sign up for FREE and start saving today!
  • Metropolis Resort – Discounts on select regularly priced offers at Chaos Waterpark, Action City Fun Center & Trampoline Park, and Birthday Party packages with the reusable Metropolis flyer and your Co-op Member card. Click here for information on these offers.
  • Email Communication - Stay up to date on news, events, or recieve special offers when you join our email list. You can opt out any time, just click "Unsubscribe from this list" at the bottom of the email recieved. Click here to join our email list.

What is the cost of a Mega! CO-OP Membership?

FREE! There is no cost to become a Purchasing Member. There is also an opportunity to become a Co-op Stockholder for $100, which includes voting rights when purchase requirements are met.

Are there any requirements of a Co-op Membership?

Whether a Co-op Purchasing Member or Stockholder, requirements include, but are not limited to, keeping your membership account information up to date, consenting to tax reporting of any member patronage distribution received, and agreeing to spend a minimum of $500 in qualifying goods or services per fiscal year from our Mega! CO-OP Holiday and Travel Stop convenience stores. That’s only $42 a month in gas and inside purchases each fiscal year.
So scan your membership card for ALL your purchases – big, small, or non-fuel – at any Mega! CO-OP store to record your purchases.  Your recorded purchases accumulate towards meeting the $500 membership spending requirement per fiscal year to keep your membership status. The fiscal year begins on the last Sunday of September of each year and ends on the last Saturday of September of the following year.
The Co-op may terminate a membership and any equity credits shall be forfeited for members who do not meet the required purchase amount for two consecutive fiscal years or more. Remember, you are signing up for a Co-op Membership and not just a rewards card. 
Please read the full Mega! CO-OP Membership Terms and Conditions before applying for a Mega! CO-OP Membership.

Mega! CO-OP Stockholder Opportunity

Whether you are currently a Co-op Purchasing Member or are signing up for the first time, you may choose to become a Stockholder by purchasing a $100 common share of stock. This is a non-dividend bearing stock that only entitles you to be a voting member when purchase requirements have been met, and can only be sold back at par value to the Co-op, at the Board’s discretion.
A Stockholder becomes a Voting Member in “good standing” when the annual spending limit is met. Each Voting Member in good standing shall be entitled to take part in the election process of the Board of Directors, vote on Cooperative matters such as Article/Bylaw changes, and is invited to attend the Annual Stockholder meeting, typically held in March, to better understand what is happening within the Co-op. If a Voting Member is not in good standing for two consecutive fiscal years, the Cooperative may elect to repurchase the Voting Member’s share of stock, and they will return to Purchasing Member status.
Other opportunities for Stockholders include serving as a Nominating Committee member or running for a Board of Director position.  As a Voting Member in good standing, you may be contacted to find out your interest in either of those positions.
Read more about becoming a Stockholder. If you are interested in becoming a CCA Stockholder, complete the Member Request for Stock Issuance form at the bottom of the Stockholder information sheet and mail it to the address noted in the “Where Do I Return My Completed Application” section.

How do I sign up to be a Mega!

CO-OP Member?  

Simple! Stop at any of our 25+ Mega! CO-OP convenience stores and complete a brief application to be issued a card on the spot!
Or click here to Apply Online [Membership ID card will be mailed in 2-5 business days]. Choose one member of your household to be the Mega! Co-op Membership Account Holder, then list any other household members you authorize to use your card.
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Not sure about a Membership? You can choose to take an application home to complete and return at a later date. A Membership ID/Rewards card will be issued after a completed application is received. Membership benefits and Co-op Rewards are not available until you obtain a Mega! Co-op Membership ID/Rewards card.

Where do I return the completed application?

Deliver to:  A team member at any Mega! CO-OP convenience store
Mail to:  Mega! CO-OP Member Services, PO Box 3155, Eau Claire, WI 54702-3155

Mega! CO-OP reserves the right to add, remove, or amend rewards, benefits, discounts, and promotions associated with a Co-op membership, membership card, or the Mega! CO-OP Rewards Program at its discretion.
Please read the following terms and conditions thoroughly before using your Mega! CO-OP card or participating in the Mega! CO-OP Rewards Program.
Mega Co-op Membership Terms and Conditions
Mega Co-op Rewards Terms and Conditions

Mega! CO-OP Rewards FAQ's

What Is Mega! CO-OP Rewards?

The Mega! CO-OP Rewards Program was designed to reward our loyal Mega! CO-OP Members. Mega! CO-OP prides itself on our commitment to our members and wanted to offer our members the most value for their Co-op Membership, so we simply added more ways to SAVE at the pump and in our convenience stores! Co-op Members can earn fuel and merchandise discounts known as “Rewards” when shopping at any of our 25+ Mega! CO-OP Holiday or Travel Stop convenience stores throughout Western and Central Wisconsin.

Who can participate in the Mega! CO-OP Rewards Program?

Enrollment in this rewards program is automatic with your membership card when you become a Mega! CO-OP Member. Members can participate in the Mega! CO-OP Rewards program by simply swiping or scanning your Mega! CO-OP Member/Rewards card on purchases at any Mega! CO-OP convenience store and start saving today!

HOW can I earn rewards in the Mega! CO-OP Rewards Program?

Members may earn Rewards in many ways when you swipe/scan your member card during a transaction at participating locations, including, but not limited to the following:
  • Member Patronage Savings Reward – 5¢ per gallon fuel patronage savings available on each fuel transaction just for being a Mega! CO-OP Member! Available at the time of fuel purchase and does not accumulate if not redeemed.
  • Merchandise Fuel Discount Rewards – Cents Per Gallon (CPG) fuel discounts can be earned by purchasing qualifying products during special promotional periods and are redeemable on your next fuel transaction.
  • Merchandise Discount Rewards – Automatic discounts may be earned by purchasing qualifying products during special promotional periods.
  • Coffee Club Rewards – Purchase nine (9) any size coffees and earn a FREE coffee! Each qualifying Club purchase accrues on your member card until the Free Reward is earned, then starts over! The coffee club is valid on any size coffee purchased. Hot chocolate, iced coffee, and cappuccino are not qualifying club purchases or eligible for the Free Reward.
  • Member Days – Earn additional CPG, merchandise, or other discount rewards during special Member Days and events. Reward terms for each Member Day/event will be set forth in each advertisement of that promotion.
  • Additional Rewards – Can be earned by taking certain actions or by participating in certain sweepstakes, contests, or promotions during special promotional periods offered by Mega! CO-OP. Separate terms of these “Additional Rewards” opportunities will be available during their promotional period.
Not all products offered in the Mega! Co-op Rewards Program are available at all locations.  Please check your favorite Mega! CO-OP store for availability of products offered.

How will I know my rewards BALANCE?

When you swipe/scan your member card at participating locations, your receipt may display the following information: Beginning Rewards, Earned Rewards, the total amount of Rewards Redeemed, Club Rewards purchase balances, and the first available Reward amount expiring. You may also ask a team member at any participating location, or contact Member Services during business hours.

How can I REDEEM my rewards?


To redeem your Rewards at participating locations, during a transaction, you must swipe/scan your member card that matches the card number on which the Rewards were earned. Rewards balances displaying on receipts may not be valid past the date of the receipt, and receipts will not be accepted in lieu of your member card to redeem Rewards.
Merchandise discounts - will be automatically applied to qualifying purchases.
CPG Fuel Rewards – These are a combination of your Member Patronage discount reward and any merchandise fuel discount rewards. To accept you will be prompted to select either “Yes” or No”. By selecting “Yes”, you accept the total amount of all available CPG Rewards displaying, and your Rewards will discount the price per gallon on your fuel transaction. CPG Merchandise Rewards will be redeemed on a first-earned, first-redeemed basis on applicable rewards.
If you select “No”, the available CPG Rewards will not be redeemed, this includes the Member patronage discount reward. Applicable Rewards, excludes Member patronage discount reward, will accumulate until redeemed or expired, whichever comes first.
CPG Rewards are valid for 30 days from the date earned on one transaction up to 20 gallons per purchase in one vehicle. All Rewards redemptions are final and may not be cancelled or reinstated.

Not a CO-OP Member OR Already a CO-OP Member but need a Replacement Card?


No problem, here’s how to apply:
In-Store: Stop at any of our 25+ Mega! CO-OP convenience stores and complete a brief application and be
issued a card on the spot!
*Membership ID card will be mailed in 5-7 business days.
New Co-op Member - Click here for new member application.
Existing Member - Click here to complete a request for replacement or additional cards. You can
also update your membership account information too!
Membership is FREE, however, to keep your membership active, a minimum of $500 in qualifying goods or services must be purchased each fiscal year from Mega! CO-OP.


Should you have any questions about Co-op Membership, Rewards, or these Terms and Conditions, you can contact us during business hours at:

Mega! CO-OP Member Services (715) 839-5272

Mega! CO-OP Store Support Center (715) 839-5210
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