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Scrip Gift Card Fundraising

We are currently in the process of converting our stores from Holiday brand to Bp brand fuel. This significant change requires revising the Scrip gift card program as well. As a result, we are unable to process Scrip orders at this time as we work to transition the program.
Below is a schedule of locations and their Bp conversion dates. Holiday Scrip cards will be accepted at these stores until they convert to Bp. Scrip participants should visit a location before those dates to use their cards.


Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls Area:                                    Surrounding Area:


Jul 9       2109 Highland Ave, Eau Claire                         Jul 22     1630 E Blaschko Ave, Arcadia

Jul 10     2920 Craig Rd, Eau Claire                                Aug 5     600 Bridge St, Cornell

Jul 15     5511 State Rd 93, Eau Claire

Jul 16     4304 Jeffers Rd, Eau Claire

Jul 23     1433 Commercial Blvd, Chippewa Falls

Jul 30     2750 120th St, Chippewa Falls

Watch for information on the revised Scrip program coming soon!
We appreciate your loyalty and we thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.
Questions can be directed to or 715-839-5272.
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